Sunday, April 27, 2014


Hi!  First of all, I wanted to apologize for my lack of blogging lately!  Between working full time still and trying to get ready for the baby, its been a little too busy to do very much blogging.

Want to see some of the things I have been up to? 

I took the plunge and finally decided to stop storing all of these Taste of Home magazines!  I am going through each magazine, entering the recipe I want to try or keep on the Taste of Home website, and adding it to the virtual "recipe box" on the website.  No more storing all of these paper magazines! (the chair is the 'done' pile and the table is the 'to do' pile - yay - I am almost done!).

We had an ultrasound of the baby at 32 weeks... she is healthy and doing well! 

I made a pan of Orange Sweet Rolls to celebrate "spring."  (or at least the snow being almost gone!)

Yum, they were so tasty!

I have been organizing everything!  My latest project was to organize and paint under the kitchen sink - tada!

It looks sooooo much better than it did!  And if you are thinking that it looks like a nice, light yellow, you would be right!  I had extra paint after painting the baby room and thought, why not use the extra under the sink?

I have been enjoying this precious birthday gift from Charlie - books from my favorite children's illustrator and author: Tasha Tudor.  I can't wait to read them to our little girl!

I have been organizing every cabinet, shelf, drawer, closet, ect...!  As an example, under the fish tank:

And the organized kitchen pantry...

I have been getting some seeds going for the garden this year.  Just a few since I will be pretty busy!

And look how close I am to sewing a baby dress - I have gotten the pattern picked out!  Now, just have to find material....

Speaking of baby, I have spent a lot of time in the baby room: I painted it a delightful light yellow.

The baby room is still under construction a bit, we've still got to get a crib in there, ect...  By the way, do you notice the rocking elephant in the pictures?  My dad made that for me when I was a little girl. 

Organizing the baby closet...

And the dresser...

Well, I guess I'd better keep working!  I've still got some more things to cross off my list...

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