Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wild Plum Juice with the Mehu-Lissa

I found this old post in my "ready to go file," and even though it isn't fall anymore, I thought I would still post it.

I was so excited on this day, because it was my first time using my new Mehu-Lissa steam juicer.  What is that, you wonder?  Here is a great explanation I found on the Mehu-Lissa website:

"Your Mehu-Lissa Steam Juicer will save you hours of work - No more squeezing or straining! We offer the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel craftsmanship and superior design for which Finland is World famous. You can make gallons of 100% pure, fresh juice and steam cook complete meals. A gentle steam process is used by Mehu-Liisa steam juicers to open the juice cells in fruit. Then the juice falls into the juice kettle and you drain it into bottles or jars. Never squeeze messy cheesecloth again! The 2012 model has about a 11.5 quart steamer basket for making larger batches of juice from fruits and berries."

The components of the Mehu-Lissa:

 Anyhow, I had heard about this steam juicer from several people and thought it sounded so wonderful!  Charlie bought it for me for a special gift - and I really think an investment as well. 

When we were driving home one day last fall, I happened to see a patch of trees near our house.  It filled with these gloriously beautiful, perfectly ripe wild plums.  I was so excited and the next day set out with my bucket.  There were so many plums I had to make several trips!

Once I got all the plums home, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to use my Mehu-Lissa steam juicer to extract the plum juice. 

Aren't these plums such a beautiful color?

The amazing Mehu-Lissa.

The steam-collection pan, fitted with a heat-proof hose to easily fill your jars.

The washed fruit ready in the steamer basket.

The Mehu-Lissa working (sorry for the bad picture!) - here I am filling my hot sterilized jars with beautiful plum juice.  One great thing that I love about the Mehu-Lissa is that when you fill your jars with the juice, you are putting boiling juice into hot sterilized jars.  According to the instruction manual for the steamer, all you have to do is place your hot sterilized lids on the jars and they will can.  I did this with apple, grape and plum juices last fall and didn't have any jars not seal!

I will use this plum juice either to drink or to make jelly later this winter if need be. 

I am sure I will be sharing more about the Mehu-Lissa this coming fall!  

 I also made sugar free grape juice with our own grapes:

And apple juice as well!  The possibilities are endless!

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