Friday, November 1, 2013

Flower Bouquets...

Good afternoon!  I was just looking over some pictures from the summer, and thought you might enjoy seeing some of the flour bouquets I made. 

The dahlia's were wonderful!  We've picked so many of these 'dinner plate' white dahlias.

We've also had a pretty good year with sunflowers.

Some more dahlias, with a few sheaves of wheat for contrast.  

This is a one gallon ball jar, so you can tell this is a pretty big bouquet!  I took a picture of it with a box of sure jell in front so you could have a size comparison.

A close up view of the same bouquet.  So bright and cheerful!

Another large bouquet, with pink pompom dahlias, pink stargazer lilies, pink love-lies bleeding, white dahlias and gladiolus and a yellow sunflower.  This was one of my favorite bouquets of the summer!

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