Friday, September 27, 2013

Boundary Waters, 2013

Hi!  I am sorry it has been so long since I've posted!  We went to the Boundary Waters last weekend, and since then, I have been having a hard time catching up!  I will share with you a few of the photographs we took on our trip.

We love the self-timer on our camera!  This was our fourth trip to the Boundary Waters, and we had a wonderful time. 

One of our campsites.

A tasty supper of Shrimp Curry.

The weather was a little rainy that night, but we had plenty of warm, dry clothes.


In the Boundary Waters, we love a cup of hot cocoa in the morning. 

During the middle of the night we heard a lot of tramping about in the woods. Then all of a sudden - crack! Boom! A tree fell down, THANKFULLY not on us! But it was quite close. Obviously a beaver was at work, as I found the next morning.

More tasty food - New York Strip steaks - lightly seasoned with salt.  We experimented with cooking steak in the cast iron pan, and also on the grate.  We liked the grate cooked one the best, as it had a better crust/sear. 

Juicy, tender, flavorful and meaty!

Portaging.  This was a great portage path.

Of course we had G.O.R.P.!  Our mix included peanut M&M's, dried cherries, mixed nuts, bridge mix and smoked almonds.  It was the best we'd ever had. 

Another campsite.  

Cooking fry bread!

Beautiful sunset. 

Eggs, hash browns and bacon for breakfast!

Along with a beautiful sunrise.

 A good water filtration system is a must in the Boundary Waters.  Giardia - no thanks!

I made this slow-cooked apple crisp for dessert - it was delicious!

We made this little friend.

And enjoyed some beautiful days:



Have you ever been to the Boundary Waters, or done any backpacking, ect...?  What do you bring along to eat?

Thank you for coming along and sharing our pictures with us!  

During this coming weekend, I'll get back to my regular posting.  There are a lot of great posts coming up! 

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