Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Meandering (I mean working) In The Garden

Are you getting tired of seeing garden pictures and flower pictures? I don't mean to take so many, but as I mosey through the garden, and see that things are growing and new flowers are blooming, I can't resist taking more pictures.  I went out this time to work; weed, water, trim, stake and just in-general-tidying-up.  But then I got distracted.  

The astilbe is flowering.


Hydrangea - "Incrediball" if I remember right.  This is the first year it has flowered.

A closeup of the hydrangea.  Each one of the flowers is so delicate.

A bee in the bee balm.

Double baby's breath.

The roses are "hipping."

Single Maximilian sunflowers.

The lilies are starting to bloom.  This year, I planted a bunch of Asiatic and oriental lilies along the front fence line in my vegetable garden.  It is so pretty!  I am hoping they will spread over the years and make a nice border.  They smell so lovely!

The love-lies-bleeding amaranth bed is looking great.

More monarda (bee balm).

Another perennial sunflower - heliopsis.

More dahlia's blooming!

Each of these dahlia's were bigger than my fist.

I did get some weeding and tidying up done, along with putting up support stakes, trimming and thinning carrots.  Look - you can kind of see the path!

The oregano is flowering.  Aren't they pretty flowers?

I am really loving the borage I planted this year. 


More hollyhocks!  One of my favorite flowers (though I like the double hollyhock's better).  No doubles yet.  

Tomatillo's starting.

Datura (moonflower) budding!

Another dahlia.  It is hard to get a size reference in these pictures, but this dahlia is between 6 and 7 inches across. 

A double oriental lily.  The first double lily I have grown and I am really happy with it!

Another single oriental lily.  I love the raindrops still sprinkled on the petals.

The wildflower garden is growing.  I put some little wire fences around it so the flowers weren't sprawling all over the walkway.

Another oriental lily.

Tiny chili peppers.

The sunflowers are blooming!  So pretty and cheerful.

The bok choy is ready to harvest.

Cosmos.  I love these "Seashells" cosmos mix.

More hollyhocks.

Grapes are growing!

Rudbeckia!  It is actually growing under the bird bath.

The big flowering baskets are spreading out.   

I've spent years trying to get this zebrina malva to grow, with no success.  This year, however, it is popping up everywhere!?  It is so pretty.

The second planting of lettuce is growing nicely.  I like to do as much succession planting as I can. 

Bumble bee in the zebrina malva.


A strangely shaped little eggplant is now growing.

And - look at this!  An artichoke!  I've been trying to grow one for years!  Can you tell I am really excited about it?

The grape tomatoes are loaded. 

The peppers are starting to turn color.

The other peppers are getting bigger too.

Jalapenos growing!

The gladiolus' are finally putting up buds. 

The great bonus of meandering (I mean working) in the garden - harvesting!

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