Monday, July 22, 2013

Of Beans and Peas....and Flowers

I went out this morning to pick peas and beans, and thin the carrots.  I am late in thinning the carrots (as usual) but found some tender little carrots to munch on...

I picked a nice pile of peas.

And a pile of green, yellow and purple beans.  

...then I got distracted and started taking pictures of the flowers.  I love these double pink poppies.

The cottage gardens are coming along.

The blue delphiniums are starting to bloom.

And the dahlias are starting to bloom!  I love this one.

 The unfurling petals are actually almost lilac colored.

Cute little pom-pom dahlias.

 The love-lies-bleeding is finally growing longer!

A tiny hop blossom.

The grapes are growing.

More poppies!

And just to keep it real (as most gardens have issues): an asparagus row that is very weedy.

More weeds (they sure are healthy).

 Yes, those are all individual tiny little itsy-bitsy weeds. 

The gophers are leaving mounds.

One of the rhubarb plants is a little less than happy.

This plant died for no apparent reason. 

 And the bugs have to eat, too.

But aside from all that, I found the first hollyhock blooming!  I am in love with this color.

My first time growing borage.  The true-blue color of this herb is surreal.


 The pansies are happy.

 This was a flower in a wildflower seed packet - I think it is a yellow poppy?

 More poppies.  Notice the crinkles on the petals?

The wildflower garden (such as it is right now). 

Zinnias!  Last year was the first time I had ever planted zinnias.  I enjoy their bright splashes of color, and they are pretty heat and drought tolerant (a definite plus).

Zebrina Malva - a relative of the hollyhock.

Another double poppy.

The sunflowers are budding.

Well, I guess I'd better get working on those beans and peas...  Have a lovely day!


  1. Lovely photos! Even your weeds are ornamental. :) Those little tiny weeds are very edible! Try them, eat the stem and leaves at the same time. The flavor is very unique; I want to put some in wraps. Yum! <3

    1. I didn't know you can eat those tiny weeds! That is interesting to know. I wonder what kind of weeds they are? I couldn't tell!



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